Jul 162013


MeMe turns 10 today! 10 years ago at 7:16 AM on 7/16, little MeMe came into the world.

I’m taking this special day as an opportunity to write up how he’s been doing. I realize I haven’t updated in a long while, mostly because there may come a day that a certain 10 year old will be on the computer and will come across a blog telling a story that sounds too familiar.

Therefore, this will probably be my last update, and I may see the need one day to delete all references to MeMe, but for now:

Observing MeMe the past few months has been quite interesting. At one point he staunchly refused to do his exercises and I kept quiet about it, leaving the decision up to him. Within 2.5 months he knew he needed to start them up again, the difference in his behavior was so apparent, even he could tell. And he’s been so much happier.

What can I say? I look at MeMe and try to remember the baby he once was.  He is tall now (although still stick skinny), with glasses and braces. He helps around the house by vacuuming, taking out the garbage, sorting the recycling garbage, and even does laundry sometimes. He takes care of his younger siblings, comforting them when they get hurt accidentally, bringing them carefully to and from the school bus, giving them drinks when they are thirsty.

MeMe insisted on making his own birthday cake. (We won’t tell anyone that I did most of it, he is so proud of himself!)

Every night before going to sleep, he comes to give me a hug and a kiss. For that split second, I don’t have to look for the baby in him, he’s right there.

MeMe will soon be off to overnight camp for his very first time! He will have to be responsible for making sure he doesn’t run out of clothing before laundry day, for keeping his things neat and organized, for keeping track of his spending money, and for making healthy food choices in camp (if that’s even possible). He will find out that if he really wants to, he can drink soda and eat candy all day in camp, and no one will stop him. I think he will do what he knows is best for himself. We will see when he returns, how many pounds of sugar he’ll need to detox from. :)

Until then, wishing good news and easy days ahead for everyone!




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