Jul 132011

Briefly revisiting the body’s proprioceptive awareness: Sensory kids have difficulty feeling where their own body starts and ends and feeling their weight. This is called poor body awareness.

The Deep Pressure solution is essential here. If we can provide deep pressure on the child’s body, the child will start to get a sense of where he is in space.

Fortunately, Deep Pressure is an easy one:

A) Long, warm baths- also very calming to an overstimulated child. Also swimming activities or hydrotherapy.

B) Deep pressure massage- according to comfort level ONLY. Also tight hugs.

C) Good old beanbags! Who doesn’t love one of these? Awesome for relaxing and just horsing around on. The sides “hug” the child’s body, providing that deep pressure he needs and craves.

D) Have the child roll up in a blanket (please be careful of suffocation!) and then roll him around the room, on the floor. Or place pillows on top of him and push down on top of him- to comfort level.

E) Child may prefer to wear tight clothing, such as clothing made from Lycra. Or long sleeves and long pants year-round.

There are many other activities, exercises, and solutions to help proprioceptive awareness. We’ve covered Deep Pressure so far, the others will follow shortly.

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