Sep 042011

Learning Breakthrough is a unique exercise program, developed by Dr. Frank Belgau, after he observed his students performing noticeably better after a round of motor skills activity. The program was created from over 30 years of research with input from scientists associated with the NASA space program.

You can read all the wonderful things about Learning Breakthrough on their website I won’t go through every detail of the program but basically, the exercises concentrate on the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive senses and with about 15-30 minutes a day, retrain the body to get back in sync. Because the auditory and visual processing parts of the brain are so closely related to the proprioceptive and vestibular functions, the Learning Breakthrough program is a fantastic therapy program for all types of children with sensory processing disorder.

Learning Breakthrough comes highly recommended by OT’s and parents, and in all my asking around, I never could find a bad word anywhere. It does take commitment though- but the more the commitment, the better the results for the child. Parents report noticeable change in their child after about 12 weeks on the program, and progress continues from there. OT’s have told me about the incredible results they see almost right away.

From my research on Learning Breakthrough, I found that the program is just as useful for adults too! It has been proven to help cognitive functioning, physical coordination, and reading/academic achievement.

If you have a child who is out-of-sync, Learning Breakthrough can do wonders for him/her. Because my son has such a hard time in the vestibular and proprioceptive areas, I am hoping to start him soon on the program. I know how much easier life can be for him, and that is what I wish for.

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