Sep 122011

Raising a Thinking Child is a parent’s guide to encouraging good thinking habits in children. The I Can Problem Solve (ICPS, for short) program is an easy, fun, and genius way to teach exactly that, and is easily adaptable for all ages and levels. It starts out teaching the skill of differentiation and emotion-recognition and then suggests simple ways the parent can dialogue with the child to further their new skills into constructive thinking during any situation.

Raising a Thinking Child is a great resource for both parents and teachers. The ICPS program can easily be incorporated into the classroom as well.

I started the first steps of the ICPS program with my own children and was amazed to see how much fun they thought it was. They begged me to play the ICPS word games over and over. My son with sensory processing disorder had a harder time with it than my others but he did eventually catch on.

I haven’t yet had a chance to look at the Raising a Thinking Child Workbook but it does look like a wonderful resource.

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