Sep 162011

Here are some exercises that improve one’s propriception. Just like any kind of strength-training, proprioception needs to be built up- starting with an easier exercise and then graduating to harder ones.


A warm-up exercise

This first exercise is very simple and made as a warm-up exercise. The goal is to get the child to feel centered by giving a gentle stretch to his joints and limbs.

Have the child lie down on the floor on his stomach, arms and legs outstretched as much as he can. Very gently pull the child’s feet so that he feels a bit of a stretch. Hold till the count of 5, then do this a few times. Be very careful though, if the child says your pulling hurts him, stop immediately.

Next, do the same to the child’s wrists. Very gently pull  for a small stretch. Hold till 5, then do it again a few more times. Again, be very careful. The child should feel no pain.

This exercise helps to stimulate the joints which in turn will stimulate the brain.


Basic first-level proprioception exercises

The next few exercises are the very basic first step to functional proprioception.

The child should be standing on the floor. Have him put one foot in front of the other, heel to toe, till the count of 30.

If he is able to do that, have him try it with his eyes closed. Practice this until he can do it successfully. Eyes open until he masters the exercise, then eyes closed until he can accomplish that.

Here is another similar exercise which is also part of the first basic step. Have the child stand balancing on one foot for 30 seconds. First he should work on mastering this with his eyes open.  Once that is accomplished, he should practice this same balancing exercise with his eyes closed.

Practice the above two exercises using both feet. Then the child will be ready to graduate to the next level.



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