Sep 202011

My favorite place to buy books and games to help my kids’ speech and social skills is a place called Linguisystems.

I would encourage any parent to just browse through their website and take a look at the wonderful products they have. You can also order a free catalog for easy viewing. Their catalogs are packed with terrific information and organized so that you can quickly and easily find books, games, and computer software to match your child’s needs.

I learned about Linguisystems from my son’s speech therapist, and I was so impressed with the material he brought home from their No-Glamour series, I checked them out on the web. I ordered an adorable set of books for teaching preschoolers social skills that we all love to look through every once in a while.

Linguisystems also has an outstanding, terrific selection to help people of all ages who are on the autism spectrum.

If you have a child who can use some extra therapy help at home, find out what they have to offer! I know you’ll be as impressed with them as I am.

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