Oct 032011

I’m watching the first week of our elimination diet come to an end. How did we do?

The kids did great. I packed them brown rice noodles for lunch, spiced the way they like it. Little applesauce cups, cut up veggies, fruit leathers, and healthy (healthier, anyway) baked potato chips made with sunflower oil. GF cereal in a bag, for snack.

I felt sick for a few days, but I think that’s passed. It was tough, feeling completely nauseous and starving and full of air at the same time. I’m glad that’s over. In the meantime, rice cakes are keeping me alive instead of bread.

I tried making this cracker kind of bread with oats and potato starch, and the kids didn’t mind it much, but I couldn’t eat it. It had a weird texture. I got lucky with kids who will eat almost anything.

Three weeks left until we start re-introducing one of the allergy foods, and I can’t say I’m being patient. I can’t wait for this to be over.

At the same time, I’ve started a careful vitamin regimen invented for SPD children by Kelly Dorfman, author of What’s Eating Your Child?

I’m also expecting a very long-awaited package in the mail containing the Learning Breakthrough program!!!

Patience isn’t one of my virtues. 🙂

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