Oct 102011

Our second week on the elimination diet is coming to a close. I’m glad to see it end- this has been the longest month of my life! Two more weeks to go! I think I’ll survive.

The kids have been doing great. We’ve had very few incidents in all- once I had to take two of them with me into the grocery store and they saw and smelled the breads, danishes, and cookies, on display. I couldn’t get out of that store fast enough, I felt an impending meltdown. The second was when MeMe’s classmate brought danishes to school for everyone (I don’t remember what the occasion was) and MeMe jumped out of his seat and shouted: “I can’t have any!” His classmates and teacher were pretty shocked at his outburst but it was taken care of and smoothed out, and when MeMe came home, I gave him a homemade (gluten-free and everything else) cookie instead and he was happy. I keep thanking the teachers for what they do in school to keep my kids on their diet and away from foods they can’t have.

So the kids have been happy with their brown rice noodles, rice, quinoa, potatoes, lots of protein, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and limited snacks. I’ve been baking cookies by the dozen- jelly thumbprint, maple-walnut, peanut butter, cinnamon and sugar, oatmeal-raisin.

Unfortunately, I’m not as a flexible eater as my kids are, and I’ve been living on cookies and rice cakes, and fruits and veggies, and some chicken and salmon. I did make an awesome breaded fish last night for dinner made from equal amounts of potato starch and almond meal, with added salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika, and then olive oil and honey drizzled over before baking (oven-frying, to be precise).

Getting back to the reason I implemented this diet in the first place- to see behavior changes in my kids, especially in MeMe, and to see if their eczema disappears. MeMe has started to be more responsible but I don’t think I can credit the diet for it. My other son hasn’t demanded candy in a long time or had as many meltdowns, but his eczema won’t leave him alone. It’s hard to tell about the eczema because the weather has been flip-flopping between cool and warm.

Ready for Week #3!

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