Oct 232011

We’re slowly phasing out our elimination diet! Today I reintroduced soy to the kids and we’ll wait 2-3 days to see if any reactions pop up. Next will be corn, then yeast, then tomatoes, then eggs, then dairy, and then finally gluten.

It hasn’t been easy for my kids but I did my best to bake homemade substitutes of whatever they might be missing out on. I ended up going back on gluten because about every other day I was dizzy and weak and I couldn’t go on like that after about two weeks of it.

We are so happy to finally be ready to get back to eating normally. I can’t say there have been drastic changes in MeMe’s (and the others’) behavior (or skin conditions), if there was a slight change in them, I missed it. I hope to know for sure as I reintroduce each suspected allergen.

According to the book “What’s Eating Your Child?” by Kelly Dorfman, if these foods aren’t the problem, then most likely it is the pesticides in the food we eat. That may make sense but I’m not ready to deal with that yet.

I’ve started MeMe on a daily fish oil supplement according to the book’s instructions and now I need to buy the other oil supplements Dorfman specifies for sensory processing disorder or dyspraxia.

I’m excited to say that we’ve started the Learning Breakthrough program. I tried it once (and must do it more often) and for the next half-hour or so I could tell that my eyes were trying to focus better. It was a really strange feeling. The program is centered around proprioceptive and vestibular activities via visual exercises (this is a really simplistic explanation, there’s so much more to it), and that’s why I felt it in my vision so strongly.

MeMe’s started doing the Learning Breakthrough program regularly and suddenly he’s become really interested in playing ball! He never cared for it. Now he’s all competitive and he doesn’t duck anymore when the ball comes at him. Instead he tries to catch/hit it, like any other kid! I’m so excited to see where else this will take us.

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