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Once Proprioception Exercises- Level 1 is accomplished, you can begin Level 2.

Here are some examples of equipment that you can use to increase the difficulty of the exercises.


These stability trainers are made with uneven surfaces, some of them harder and some of them easier to balance on. Use them creatively, try standing on them with only one foot, or doing squats, or playing ball on them.


j/fit 6″ Balance Pods, Set of 2 – Blue (Sports)

List Price: $18.99 USD
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Another type of stability trainer. Use them on either side, get a few sets and practice walking on “stepping stones,” the possibilities are endless. Also good gross motor skill practice.


Once you complete the challenge of the stability trainers, you can move on to more difficult balancing equipment:


Wobble Balance Board 14 Diameter (Health and Beauty)

List Price: $13.37 USD
New From: $13.37 USD In Stock
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The wobble board challenges your body to keep level, training your brain in its proprioceptive and vestibular functions. Once you master the wobble board, increase the difficulty by using only one foot, talking on the phone, or catching a ball while standing on it.


The BOSU Balance Board combines the exercise of balancing with other physical exercises and workout. It is great for core-strengthening as well.


Bongo Board balancing board (Misc.)

List Price: Price Not Listed
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The Bongo Board is the most challenging but it’s fun too! It works the core muscles through balancing and develops body awareness and proprioception.








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