Nov 012011

Modelmekids is a company formed by a group of therapists who have produced a fantastic selection of video DVD’s designed to teach children with autism (and other developmental delays) the skills they need to function in the world around them.

The Modelmekids DVD’s have been successful in teaching speech, cognitive skills, and appropriate behaviors, to children and teenagers, by using the technique of modeling social skills, imaginative play, handling stressful situations, and much more. There are too many to list!

Check them out and see their wonderful selection for yourself! Read the many testimonials!

They also have workbooks designed to go along with each DVD to reinforce the lessons learned while watching.

I can tell right off the bat that my son MeMe would benefit tremendously from: Model Me Faces & Emotions, I Can Do It!, Time for a Playdate Model Me Confidence & Bullying Prevention, Model Me Tips & Tricks, Model Me Friendship, Model Me Conversation Cues, and Model Me Organization & Motivation: Executive Functioning.

All those skills, wow. Sometimes I think I need a miracle.

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