Nov 032011

We’ve been back on corn and soy for two weeks now without any signs of allergy! The kids are happy to have some of their regular foods back and it’s nice to be able to use soy sauce, cornstarch, etc., in preparing food for them.

Last Friday I gave them yeast for the first time, in the form of gluten-free bread. No reactions.

On Monday I decided to reintroduce tomatoes, but slowly as I suspected one of my kids was always allergic to them. He’s been off tomatoes for a few years now so it was the first time in years that I mixed tomato sauce into the meatballs we were having for dinner.

Not even two hours later he was scratching his eczema like I haven’t seen in 5 weeks. I hate that uncontrollable itching and scratching. And then came some really rotten tantrums, and the next day at school he complained of a stomachache and I had to go pick him up halfway through the day, so my suspicions are confirmed. I waited two days and then gave him grape tomatoes to see if he’d have another reaction, and I haven’t seen anything. I’m also going to try organic tomato sauce and see if it’s pesticides that’s the problem.

MeMe isn’t allergic to tomatoes, so he’s going right on to test for an egg allergy. I plan to give him eggs baked into cookies or bread first, and then egg white, and then egg yolk. If he’s fine with that he’ll be ready to test for gluten and dairy!

My other son will have to take eggs more slowly because he’s been off eggs ever since one day a few years ago I served him scrambled eggs and his eyelids suddenly swelled.  He’ll be unhappy to be the only one still on “the diet” and I’ll have to figure out how to appease him in some way. I have a feeling he’ll have to say goodbye to gluten forever, but the thought stresses me out so I keep pushing it away.

One other thing that happened this week, I spoke with my grandmother who informed me that we have additional allergies running in our genes: Nuts and seeds, mango, and penicillin. I remember the first time MeMe had antibiotics, he broke out in a rash. But it looks like when this elimination diet is done with, we’ll have to do another one with nuts and seeds. She also told me about soy, dairy, eggs, tomatoes, and gluten, thank goodness we’ve covered those already.

Oh, one more thing: I gave my youngest milk last week and pizza this week, her only forms of dairy. Immediately she broke out on her stomach and with a bad diaper rash.

I’m curious to know what my next post on this subject will be about! Will we be banned from eggs, tomatoes, gluten, and dairy forever?

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