Nov 082011

Beating Dyspraxia with a Hop, Skip and a Jump: A Simple Exercise Program for Home and School (Paperback)

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I came across this book today and read the preview. It sounds like the perfect thing for MeMe. I’d be interested to see if the exercises given in this book are similar to the ones he does with Learning Breakthrough. The book sounds more like strength-training though, and Learning Breakthrough is more of brain-training.

The author describes muscle weakness as one of the major causes of dyspraxia and gives practical, easy, and fun, exercises to build strength and endurance and at the same time, confidence.

My son MeMe’s arms are pathetically skinny. Recently I showed them to our pediatrician to make him believe that MeMe isn’t as healthy as he seems. MeMe eats normally but has always been skeleton-skinny. The pediatrician checked MeMe’s weight and looked at the weight charts, and told me he’s fine, exactly where he should be. At that point I pulled up MeMe’s sleeves and told the doctor that nobody in his right mind would look at these arms and say that this child is healthy. The doctor agreed with me, a bit astonished that the weight chart may be misleading.

Although MeMe has never been diagnosed with dyspraxia, the book “Beating Dyspraxia” might as well be about him. It describes him so well. I am also beginning to suspect that MeMe has a bit of speech dyspraxia because I get the feeling that words get stuck inside him. He’s started giving oral presentations and although he’s cute, it’s obvious that he can’t mentally organize the speech, he’s all over the place with it, and we have to play the part of mind-readers to figure out what he’s saying. MeMe used to have difficulty saying a story but that skill suddenly kicked in last year, so we’re hoping this will improve as well.

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