Nov 082011

Last week when I gave my younger son tomato sauce, he started scratching his eczema like crazy about an hour later.

I waited a few days and gave him grape tomatoes. Nothing happened.

I waited a few days and gave him regular tomatoes with all the seeds and juice scraped out, in a vegetable salad.

I did something stupid and gave him eggs baked into cookies the same day. I thought it would be fine because he had never had reactions to eggs baked into food before, and because he hadn’t reacted to the grape tomatoes.

He immediately changed into the child he used to be just a few months ago- stubborn like anything, meltdowns multiple times a day, and always scratching, eczema flaring, throat itching, eyes watering, nose sniffling.

I couldn’t believe the reaction I was looking at. Poor child.

I took him off eggs again, and later on I’ll test him simply by giving him egg white and egg yolk a few days apart and see what happens. I took him off tomatoes too, for the time being.

According to the book “What’s Eating Your Child” by Kelly Dorfman, if you can’t figure out if your child is reacting to a food because he has it often and sometimes he reacts and sometimes he doesn’t, then it is the pesticides sprayed on the food that is the problem.

I should say that my oldest, MeMe hasn’t had a single reaction so far to any foods that we’ve reintroduced.

Yesterday I tried spelt on them, their first taste of gluten. MeMe’s fine with it, my younger one, I can’t tell. I’m going to try it on them again on Thursday.

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  1. I have had terrible reactions to citrus. Why? Because of the pesticides and orange dye sprayed on them. I have to be very careful which ones I consume.

  2. my dh can’t handle tomato sauce, but he is fine with regular tomatoes. he likes to put them in stews and soups.

    • Any idea what it is about tomato sauce is different than tomatoes, zig?

      There are so many foods that call for tomatoes, either actual or sauce, and some of us have been feeling deprived lately.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi new here. Tomato sauce in cans has BPA (part of the lining of the can to stop rust, I believe). Tomato sauce in glass (few brands) still has BPA in the lid and is sealed when the tomato sauce is warm so comes in contact with the lid. Just a thought.

    • Thanks, Diane, for your comment! And welcome to Sensory and More.

      So you’re saying that it may be worth it to make my own tomato sauce and see if we still get a reaction. I will try that. Especially because I just noticed my baby breaking out in eczema from eggs, dairy, and possibly tomatoes.

      I’ll be sure to post what happens!

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