Nov 092011

About a week and a half ago, I wrote The Sensory Processing Disorder Advantage, inspired by an unknown someone on the internet searching for: “spd what are its strengths.” It struck me quite suddenly that we talk a lot about the hardships (of which there are many!) of sensory processing disorder but not so much about the wonderfulness of the children (and adults!) who struggle with it every day.

In Reconnected Kids by Dr. Robert Mellilo, author of Disconnected Kids and creator of Brain Balance, Dr. Mellilo emphasizes the importance of keeping a positive atmosphere in one’s home. He describes parents who are so busy seeking out solutions to their child’s issues, despite their devotion, they are unaware of the stress and anxiety that is constantly surrounding them.

According to Dr. Mellilo, one of the biggest sources of negativity and stress on children is when their parents disagree on parenting methods or haven’t taken time to make sure they’re on the same page about children’s behaviors- which ones are acceptable and which ones aren’t.

Dr. Mellilo writes that parents like these are the most loving, caring, and well-intentioned, and that it is these parents who can unconsciously become  bitter about being in their situation and the stress that comes with it.  He suggests parents take a hard look at themselves and realize that it is easy (and only human) to slip into a pattern of seeing the glass half empty.

The best way to create a pleasant and positive atmosphere in your home is by securing your family as a single unit. Reconnected Kids describes a detailed program for getting parents on the same page, setting rules for the home, and spending scheduled quality family time together. Following this program will ensure a positive, supportive, family environment.

If I’m honest with myself, I know I’m guilty of the half-empty glass attitude. Complaining somehow makes life easier but at the same time makes my kids feel insecure. I hope that now that I recognize this problem, I can overcome it. For all of our sakes, I have no other choice.

What do you do to keep your family environment positive? Share your tips!


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