Nov 102011


Visual processing skills are important for learning to read, write, and calculate. Here’s a list of easy, fun activities you can do with your child to improve his/her visual skills:

1) The scanning skill: Take any random paper that has a lot of letters written on it. The more letters it has, the harder the activity. Have about 10 crayons handy and choose a letter for each color. I would recommend you concentrate on the “o,” “c,” “l,” “i,” “I,” “m,” “n,” “w,” “v,” “b,” “q,” “p,” “d,” or other letters that may be confusing for your child such as “h” vs. “n.” Make up a fun shape that can be drawn on, around, or under each of the letters, giving each letter the same color and the same shape.

2) Fun Pages!

Mazes and Dot-to-dot fun pages teach hand-eye coordination and ability to see the big picture.

Word Search fun pages teach scanning (see #1).

“What’s wrong this picture”  and “Which picture is different” fun pages teach differentiation.

3) Play ball!  Practice catching a ball and then different weighted objects. Beanbags are great for this.

4) Fill a jar or plastic container with marbles/jelly beans/other small objects, and take turns guessing how many are inside. Whoever guesses correctly wins the jar!

5) Have a bean hunt: Sprinkle several types of beans in your yard and have the child find as many as he can.

6) Get involved with all or any physical sports! Bowling, baseball, soccer, football, hockey, etc, each one of these sports use visual skills and will improve others as well such as balance and coordination.

7) Challenge your memory! Play a memory matching game to tone your visual memory skills. Or look at a picture for 30 seconds and then try to recall every detail you saw.

8 ) Create patterns with beads, blocks, or other objects. Or create some for an arts & crafts project using crayons, markers, or colored paper.

9) Target practice! Set up empty soda bottles and try and knock them over with a ball, from across the room.

10) Visit this wonderful site: and go through the entire page. It also has very detailed, complete explanations to go along with each activity.



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