Nov 132011

I promised to update about tomatoes, eggs, and spelt. I haven’t because I’ve been plain confused.

I left off with trying out spelt on the kids and while I didn’t see any kind of immediate reaction, MeMe started up some real immature behavior, such as meltdowns, and in general a very low tolerance for anything not going exactly his way. My other son who has eczema didn’t start scratching like he did when he had tomato sauce, but he had a(nother) stomachache while he was in school, the kind he would have every single day until I took him off gluten. He also started to exhibit some real obnoxious behaviors (like I used to see from him).

So I took them off eggs, tomatoes, and spelt again, and I figure that if the kids get back to themselves it was indeed a reaction, and if not, not.

As hard as it is for them not to be eating all the foods their friends are, and they’ve started to complain a bit about always having to bring their own lunch, miss class birthday parties, etc., I’m going to have to delay introducing new foods for a few more days until I can see clearly what’s going on.

I feel bad that they have nothing to bring to school besides cold brown rice noodles, rice, quinoa, or potatoes, and so I try to change up the snacks to go along with the main dish or sneak in treats to surprise them. Today I cooked brown rice spaghetti for their lunch and spiced it really well so it wouldn’t be bland, and when they came home they both told me that their friends were all jealous and wanted their spaghetti! I have a feeling we’ll be doing spaghetti again tomorrow.

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