Nov 202011

It’s hard to believe we’re still at this! I thought we would have been done by now, who knew it would take so long to reintroduce the suspected allergens.

I know why it’s taking longer than expected- because I’m reintroducing each food twice so I can be absolutely sure about which behaviors are an allergy/sensitivity reaction, and which are just a coincidence.


I tested the kids with some dairy last week on Sunday and then again on Thursday. They had some American cheese for lunch, first melted into potato and then in brown rice noodles. They seemed to have no reaction at first but after the week went by I realized that MeMe has picked up this funny new habit that he can’t control. He’s turned into a noise machine that sounds like: Bliiiing! Bluurrrg! Yalayalayaliliyalayalaya! and a combination of emergency sirens and American-Indian war whoops. He’s also extremely compulsive again and we had been doing better. 🙁

My younger son with eczema seemed to have no change at all.

On Tuesday, I tested them with barley, their first taste of gluten besides the spelt they had the week before. MeMe had no noticeable reaction while my other son had his good old stomachaches return. I plan to test them again next week to see if the results are consistent.

Late Friday I gave them plain egg whites (hard-boiled) to see what would happen. If MeMe had a reaction I couldn’t discern it, although my other son had three automatic meltdowns over the course of the next 24 hours and some eczema flareups. I’ll have to test them again to be sure.

This coming week, I want to test them with egg yolk, and again take away the foods I gave them this past week to see if the symptoms disappear.

In other news, I’m religiously doling out vitamins- the multi, the fish oil, the probiotic, and the newest one, the calcium/magnesium in high doses. Lack of magnesium is supposed to cause insomnia, hyperactivity, irritability, and many of the symptoms children with sensory processing disorder experience.

We are also doing our Learning Breakthrough exercises every day. It’s been about two weeks and at first MeMe would be dropping the beanbag every time he threw it, instead of catching it, but now he catches it almost every time. Today we started a new exercise and all of my kids joined in, it was so much fun. This exercise is to throw a Super-bouncy ball at a target board and practice aiming and catching with each hand, all while standing on a balance board. It’s amazing to see how much MeMe improved from the beginning of the session to the end. I’m excited to see future improvement in all of his processing areas.



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