Nov 302011

One of the best things about having a blog about sensory processing disorder is that I’m always researching and finding out neat things. Like Superbrain Yoga. An occupational therapist I’m in correspondence with mentioned it to me, to my absolute delight.

Despite it’s name, Superbrain Yoga doesn’t have much to do with Yoga. This exercise was done for hundreds of years and precedes Yoga. Unless you are particularly interested in energy healing and you want to take advantage of what it has to add to the Superbrain Yoga exercise.

Very simply, here’s what you do: Take your left hand and hold your right ear lobe, thumb facing outward. Then take your right hand and hold your left ear lobe, thumb facing outward. Your arms should be crossed right over left.

The ear lobes are an accupressure point and when you hold your ear with the opposite hand, you are balancing and reorganizing the two sides of your brain.

Once your hands are in position, you should be standing with your feet spread about as wide as your hips, and you’re going to do squats. On the way down, you inhale. On the way up, you exhale. Do it 10, 20, or 50 times, a few times a day.

This is scientifically proven to make your brain smarter! Watch the clip:

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