Dec 012011

Exactly two months ago I removed gluten, casein, eggs, corn, soy, yeast, and tomatoes from my kids’ diets. I’ve been able to get them back on corn, soy, and yeast, but we’re sitting here stuck on the rest.

Last Friday I again tried organic spelt crackers on them. MeMe had no noticeable reaction and so I figured we’re pretty safe with that. My other son had an immediate stomachache bad enough to make him groan and lie on the couch the entire day, and fever! It took him two days to fully get back to himself.

This week I tried giving them organic tomato sauce on Tuesday. MeMe seemed fine, and this isn’t the first trial run of tomatoes, so I’m confident putting him back on it. My son with eczema had a pretty bad reaction to regular tomato sauce a few weeks ago. This time he didn’t have any immediate reaction but the next morning he complained a bit about his stomach hurting. He wanted to stay home from school but when I told him I’ll pick him up if his stomachache gets worse, he agreed to go happily. At the end of the day he seemed fine again, and I hadn’t had to pick him up early, but he did seem extra irritated and he told me his stomach did bother him that day. So I’ll do another trial run in a week or so and see what happens.

Today I tried spelt again on MeMe by lunchtime to make sure we know he’s okay with it. When he came home from school he had a major meltdown, which included hitting and other aggressive behaviors. After some alone time he calmed down and was able to eat dinner with everybody, do his homework, and do Learning Breakthrough. I took him out to the library to get books for him to read over the weekend, our only hope for calm family time. So we’ll have to try spelt again sometime.

Last week after MeMe ate cheese for the first time, he started a constant round of American-Indian war whoops and other strange noises. When I asked him a few dozen times to save the outside noise for outside, I quickly realized it was to no avail- he was completely compulsive with no self-control. I took him back off dairy and I’m happy to see he’s settled down a lot. His compulsiveness is mostly under control and the noises coming from him are only occasional. If I warn him that he’ll have to stand outside until his warwhooping is finished, he can stop for a good few minutes.

How long this diet will extend is anyone’s guess. I know another two of my kids are sensitive to dairy and eggs, and celiac disease runs in the family, so maybe I should just get used to cooking and baking this way.

As an aside, I have two great-aunts who cook gluten-free and I was able to email them for some baking recipes. They shared some that look like they’ll turn out well, and if they do, I’ll post them, in case anyone’s interested.

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