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This post is a simple list of the different listening programs out there which are supposed to help for a variety of learning disabilities, including dyslexia, processing difficulties, cognitive function, attention span, and more.

I haven’t personally tried any of these programs. Most of them are based on the Tomatis method and/or Samonas. Dr. Alfred Tomatis discovered that training our ears to listen more effectively can improve learning, language abilities, social behavior, and creativity. A German scientist Ingo Steinbach further developed Tomatis’ work by enhancing the music and sound used in therapy with advanced recording techniques, allowing the ear to easily hear sound frequencies it wouldn’t have otherwise. Steinbach’s work was labeled Samonas, which stands for: Spectrally Activated Music of Optimal Natural Structure.

Some of the listening programs are done with specialized headphones, some are done through a computer program, others are with both music and a sensory activity done at the same time. Some of them can be done at home with a remote therapist overseeing, others need to be done specifically by a licensed therapist. The programs are very individualized, although they are  similar they don’t all do the same things, so one must choose a program carefully. Besides these, there are also therapy centers across the world which offer the Tomatis and/or Samonas listening therapy.

I am sure this isn’t a complete list of the listening programs, I chose to put up only the more well-known ones, and the ones that have been recommended to me by various parents and therapists.

Good luck finding the best one for you(r child)!



The Listening Program

Integrated Listening Systems

Therapeutic Listening

Interactive Metronomes

Lollipop Listening Program

Have you tried any of these programs? Please tell us about it! How successful was the program? I’m curious!

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