Dec 122011

We’re thoroughly sick of our allergy diet by now. The kids have started to complain and I have to face the fact that gluten, eggs, dairy, and tomatoes for some, are just not welcome in our home.

I gave MeMe some Cheerios for breakfast twice this past week, his face lit up when I offered it to him. I didn’t see any change at all in his behavior except during transition times. His hardest time is between coming in the door from school and sitting down for dinner. I serve them as soon as they come home because they’re always starving (and yes, I find their uneaten afternoon snack in their backpacks, and they always say they’re too busy playing during recess to remember to eat- I guess that’s a good thing).

Do I forever not give MeMe gluten because at some points in the day he gets more frustrated and aggressive? Is that a good reason for him to miss all his classmates birthday parties?

I don’t know. He’s certainly physically healthier this way but if he’s feeling deprived, that can’t be emotionally healthy for him.

I gave my other son (the one with eczema) just a handful of Cheerios, less than 1/4 of a cup. His elbows and knees are again scratched up and bleeding, not to mention his moodiness. When he’s in one of his moods, all I know is I need to stay away from him because he’s so unreasonable, out-of-control, and can be aggressive. Which is actually the worst thing I can do because he only wants a tight hug from me and to cry a little bit. But these moods have 99% disappeared when I took him off gluten 2.5 months ago.

They are both begging for our diet to end. I know that wouldn’t be the best thing but I’ve about had it too. My only other choice is to find some alternative medicine guy who knows how to set their systems straight and relieve all of us.

Should I or shouldn’t I? Sometimes I wish I could tell the future. At times like this I like to say: I can use a little prophecy just about now.



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  1. wow that is really hard. we were eating like that for a while. dh was on a scd like diet. but he soon gave it up. my kids are very moody and aggressive. i don’t know if i could live with out the eggs and wheat and dairy.

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