Dec 182011

Is it bad that MeMe still can’t tie his shoes? Maybe it’s my fault that I keep buying him velcro sneakers. I figure, he’s in school all day and if his shoelace gets untied, what’s he supposed to do? How many times can he ask a teacher or friend to tie it for him?

He does have shiny black dress tie shoes. And last year when I decided enough is enough, it’s about time that he learn to tie them, I showed him over and over and we practiced. He got the first step all right. He actually got it quickly. Whenever he puts on his dress shoes, he does that first step beautifully. As soon as we get to the bunny ears part, he’s lost.

So here we are, still stuck on the bunny ears at 8 years old. I know it’s not his fault. I know it’s a complicated thing to learn. And I know his fingers aren’t agile and his brain isn’t hearing what I’m saying. So… patience, patience.

Then I found this wonderful little product called Loopers Lacers. A genius invention with velcro on the sides of the laces to keep the bunny ears in place, so the child doesn’t have to hold three different places with two hands.

A demonstration:

I know this will work for MeMe, and I’ll let you all know what happens!

Feel free to write in a comment, telling us if your children had trouble with shoelace tying, and what age they learned!

  2 Responses to “The Impossible Task: Tying Shoelaces”

  1. i have a pair of brand new sneakers sitting in my house. my son can’t use them b/c he has to tie them. i tried teaching him. but he can’t do it. he is wearing his dress shoes, patten leather with velcro, to school. they are breaking. i am not sure if i should buy another pair of school shoes. my son is 7.5.

    • Hey, maybe you’d want to try attaching velcro to the laces yourself and then see if he can do it. I think the laces need to be easy ones- nice and thick and long. MeMe’s dress shoes that he has to tie are the skinny breakable ones.

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