Jan 012012

So we had a tough weekend. MeMe did, at least. I hate these times when he needs me to be strict with him because I hate being strict. I hate the negativity that comes with him needing quiet time away from the rest of us. I hate that I need to keep my other kids away from him so that they don’t get hurt when he gets frustrated. I hate that he knows this all and feels bad about himself. He’s such a good kid and he needs to not forget that ever.

As soon as I woke up yesterday I knew what kind of day we were going to have. I heard MeMe being extremely irritable, exactly like  an infant who wakes too early from his nap and needs to be put back down in his crib. Except I couldn’t get MeMe to take a nap so I knew it wouldn’t be a very pleasant day.

Last Wednesday we went to the library and chose several books for him to read, and then I made the mistake of  allowing him to read till 9 PM in bed. I forgot how much MeMe needs his sleep. So yesterday was my wake-up call. No more reading in bed past 8 PM. He’s usually in bed by 7:20.

But now is a new day, a new week, and a new calendar year. We will work towards a better time. Most importantly, by creating wonderful family memories. I’d also like to see MeMe be more easygoing at home, less frustrated, and have his vocabulary expanded beyond his usual “Nuh-uh” response when I speak to him. I’d like to see him put on some weight and some muscle mass, so he can be more healthy than the skeleton he is built like. I’d like to see his auditory processing skills greatly improved so that we can have regular conversations. And I want him to realize that he is perfect just the way he is.




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