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Have A Ball Learning: How Juggling Helps Kids Overcome Their Learning Disabilities (Paperback)

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“Have A Ball Learning” is a wonderful book I just finished reading, written by Susan and Paul Phariss. You can “meet” Susan and Paul at Brain Fitness Strategies– and I highly recommend you do! I’m sure you’ll be as fascinated as I am.

Susan and Paul Phariss have worked with people of all ages- children and adults, to teach them how train and fine-tune their brains at peak-performance. Children with cerebral palsy, ADD/ADHD, and all kinds of learning disabilities have been helped tremendously by Susan and Paul and their extensive knowledge of various therapies, including Rhythmic Movement Training, and many more. Since I’d really like to talk about their book “Have A Ball Learning” itself, I encourage you to read Susan’s and Paul’s impressive biographies and personal history. (More Susan and Paul posts coming up, I promise! 🙂 )

“Have A Ball Learning”  thoroughly explains the scientific evidence and historical background behind juggling and increased brain connections. The act of juggling teaches the body balance, coordination, and motor skills while simultaneously directly stimulating the brain. As the brain grows and develops, focus and attention skills increase, as well as reading ability. Even someone who knows how to juggle well, can keep up practicing daily and benefit his brain cells!

The second part of “Have A Ball Learning” is Paul Phariss’ story. As a young child Paul almost drowned in a swimming pool and miraculously recovered. Paul found out soon enough that his brain had been injured and he was unable to read. After managing to graduate high school still with almost no reading capability, Paul eventually went on to become a world-famous juggler and one day realized that he could read words on a page! All that juggling practice had reversed his dyslexia!

“Have A Ball Learning” also includes a simple step-by-step program for teaching kids (or anyone) to juggle. Which kid doesn’t think juggling is the coolest thing on Earth?

My five year old son started to practice juggling on his own several weeks ago. Ever since he was a two year old and tried convincing his much older cousins that he could fly, he’s loved having tricks up his sleeves to perform. So when I saw his attempts at juggling, I knew it fit him perfectly. Guess who is excited when I told him about “Have A Ball Learning?”


Jugglers and not-yet-jugglers, let us know what you think about this topic!




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