Mar 182012

Just when I was contemplating all of MeMe’s positive changes in the past few weeks, we had Hurricane Sugar. It hit at the same time as we changed the clocks ahead an hour. To say this threw MeMe off would be an understatement.

I’ve learned my lesson well enough in the past when MeMe had an abundance of sugar, but try getting an 8 year old to agree to swear off it. So when we celebrated the (Jewish) holiday of Purim, when kids enjoy trading the most colorful, sugary, MSGful treats (which isn’t the point of the holiday but kids have a one-tracked mind when it comes to candy), I nervously watched as MeMe accumulated an entire stockpile of stuff the FDA considers edible. At one point I started reading off the ingredients on the packages, noting that in some of them there wasn’t a single ingredients that qualified as food.

To give MeMe and my younger kids credit, they ate a fraction of what they received. As usual, I told them to make a pile of the things they really have their hearts set on eating. As much as I wouldn’t want them to eat that, I can’t be the Wicked Witch Mom. Not that they end up eating all of what they really want to in the end, anyway, but the least I can do is hear their side. Most of the chewy and hard candies they weren’t even interested in, to my silent relief. I managed to trade most of the MSG chips, gumballs, chocolate covered wafers, and whoknowswhatelse, negotiating with them whatever healthier alternatives I had on hand that they thought were worth it. I was left staring at 4 soda cans and 5 blue mondos. I promised MeMe $2 and we dumped them in the trash.

You can see how little junk MeMe ended up eating. But still some managed to slip through. At school some of his friends brought him some treats that he would have traded if he were at home. His teacher and therapists handed him more stuff. He had a class party a few days before the holiday. After the holiday he was still receiving candy and snacks that his friends had meant to give him.

I felt like hanging a Do Not Feed sign on him. Some of his old inappropriate behaviors had returned and none of us were happy for it. He spent the week cranky and frustrated, and I became a 24-hour referee once more. From our last experiences, it takes 3 days to get the sugar mostly out of him, so we are finally slowly returning to normalcy.

Here’s to a better week! We are about halfway through our therapy exercise program and still loving every minute!


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