Jun 172012

I once wondered the effect city living has on children with sensory processing disorder. Well, we’ve moved! Out of our 800 sq ft apartment and into a 1900 sq ft house! We’re still in the city so we don’t have much of a backyard but I’m working on creating some kind of garden in the few feet of dirt we have around the perimeter of our yard.

As I’ve posted, MeMe’s symptoms of sensory processing disorder have been reduced to almost nothing, all credit goes to the wonderful Have A Ball Learning for ADD program. After finishing the 13 weeks on the program, we were supposed to continue with a few of the exercises for a while, but when it came time for our big move, it all fell by the wayside.

How’s MeMe doing since we stopped the exercises? In one word: Terrific! Much better than I expected since the exercises were cut short. In fact, the only thing he does that reminds me that he officially has sensory processing disorder, is the little noises he makes on a constant basis, but even that’s much better than it used to be. Once in a while he gets impatient or frustrated, but he doesn’t lose control and I can talk him through it, like any other kid his age.

I’m sure having lots more space contributes to his mostly easygoing personality- he isn’t bumping into any one or thing, isn’t getting into so many fights, isn’t spending time in a crowded, cluttered space.

Once we settled into our new home a bit, it suddenly struck me that the house felt so empty- there were so many places for us to spread out: upstairs, downstairs, the basement, the front yard, the backyard, plus all the different rooms on each floor.

MeMe also started eating some sugary treats at school but since we’re not so on top of each other anymore, I don’t notice as much and can let it slide. Anyway, there’s not much I can do about it, if he decides to eat a doughnut or drink soda, after I’ve educated him about the ingredients. If he wants to eat a doughnut that much, I have more important things to concern myself with.

In the past few weeks, MeMe’s been playing football with his friends and really enjoying it. I never thought my awkward, skeleton-skinny little boy would say to me: “I love playing football, it’s so much fun! I can’t wait to play again tomorrow at recess!” It’s music to my ears, knowing he’ll get all that fresh air and exercise, the coordination that comes with playing sports, and at the same time, benefiting from the social aspects that come with playing on a team and working together.

Oh, and right across the street from our new home is a giant ballpark- soccer, football, track, baseball, tennis, and volleyball courts and fields, complete with tall gates and stadium style bleachers. So while we may not have room for a football game in our backyard, we don’t have to go far to find extra space.

Have I mentioned that we love this house? 🙂 What was truly amazing was watching MeMe help us move. It was like he had matured 2 years in a single day. He carried endless boxes and packages, some of them really heavy. He didn’t complain even though we were having a heat wave (I made sure he drank water nonstop) so he must have really enjoyed it all.




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  1. Hi. Thanks so much for introducing me to haveaballlearning… I’ve looked it up and i’ve received my first video. My sons are 9 and 5 and the older one has been diagnosed as having Sensory Integration Disorder and Executive Function problems. I can’t wait to try out the exercises on both of them.

    • Hi Renita! Welcome to Sensory and More!
      HaveaBallLearning is an awesome program and you’ll love working with Susan Phariss. Best of luck and come back and tell us about how it goes for you!

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