Dec 302014

Hello to all my readers and followers! Welcome to the newer ones and welcome back to the ones who remember the early days of this site.

As I posted last time, since MeMe and his siblings aren’t illiterate, ignorant little kids anymore, I decided to stop sharing as much and grant them their privacy.

Sensory processing disorder is no longer the main focus of our lives! I truly don’t have much more to share anyway. A meltdown here or there, impulsiveness once in a while- the fact is that older children do eventually learn to control, deal with, and take responsibility for their emotions and actions, and the good news is that all children eventually do grow up!

At this point I’m very involved in separation anxiety and selective mutism (again). If anyone’s wondering the absolute best treatment for selective mutism is described in the book: The Selective Mutism Treatment Guide: Manuals for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists: Still waters run deep by Ruth Perednik.

If anyone has a question or comment they’d like me to look at, please do send me an email. I promise to be checking my emails from now on,   unlike the last year or so.


All the best!



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