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Welcome to Sensory and More!

Join me as we travel the world of our physical senses, explore the jungle created by our senses gone haywire, and identify and rectify the challenges before us.

Ever wonder why some kids are so difficult and demanding?

Ever wonder what it is about a child you know who takes over the whole room, leaving no space for anyone else?

Ever got caught up in your child’s tantrum and wasted 45 minutes of your time before it was over and done with?

Ever begged your child to stop running and jumping all over the place but he didn’t even seem to hear you?

Ever snatched toys, strings, sleeves, hats, fingers, out of your child’s mouth and yelled at him that you’re sick and tired of telling him for the 15 millionth time….

Ever saved platefuls of food your child refused to eat, and dumped them anyway a few days later, after each time you instructed him to eat his food, brought on a major tantrum?

Ever wished your child could just clean up his room and stop strewing his things about the whole house?

I’m Mom to MeMe & company. MeMe was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder 2 years ago. Here’s where I figure out how to be the best parent I can be, based on an in-depth knowledge of SPD and a strong foundation of positive parenting.

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